Bob Breen - Chief JKD Kali and Kickboxing Instructor
Training JKD, Kali and Kickboxing in London

“Simply exceptional training” — Ed Golding

“Welcome to the Breen Academy,
and true functional stand-up combat”

— Bob Breen, Founder & Chief Instructor


  6.30–7.30 7.30–8.30 8.30–9.30
Monday Knife Defence JKD Kali Thai Boxing
Tuesday JKD Kali Base Kickboxing Kickboxing Fight Class
Wednesday Stick Fighting BJJ Grappling
Thursday JKD Kali Base 4D Combat 4D Combat Continued
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Plus. Special Saturday ‘Black Belt’ Class for Students over Green belt. Enquire for details.

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Great training with a fun friendly atmosphere and strong emphasis on core principles, effective technique and deliberate state of mind

The Breen Academy emphasises true functional stand-up combat. Grounded in Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Kali-Eskrima and Filipino boxing. The functional essence of each of these arts has been distilled into the 4D Combat System - a devastatingly effective hybrid.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced Martial Artist the Academy is an incredibly friendly place so you’ll feel at home in no time. Training is hard and rigorous but we operate as a team and focus on building you into a formidable martial artist.

Founder & Chief Instructor Bob Breen has been teaching for over forty-five years and leads a team of superb instructors all with a competitive background. He started the Academy in 1970 and it's been at the cutting edge of Martial Arts ever since - with many black belts considering a stint at the Academy the de facto standard for achieving Mastery. He also regularly hosts seminars at home and abroad.

Husna - Breen Academy Black Belt

“Guro Bob Breen is a Master Instructor and a highly educated connoisseur of life… There are perhaps only a few high level FMA/JKD Instructors in the UK and Europe who have not been taught or influenced by this living legend and for those few, it has been their loss… Never standing still, and possessing the will to free himself from antiquated methods, Guro Breen has continued to strip the fat away from the meat and stay on the cutting edge. This approach has more recently culminated in the form of 4D — total stand up fighting. Akin to Master Rickson Gracie’s invisible jiujitsu, you really have to train and feel it to fully appreciate this revolutionary approach to fighting. Everyone really should have a World class instructor/Mentor… Mine is Master Bob Breen and has been since 1996. Make him yours to!”

David Onuma — Full Instructor under Guro Bob Breen, Senior Associate Instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto, 1st Degree BJJ Black belt under Mestre Ricardo De La Riva, 5 x IBJJF European Champion (2014 - No 1 Ranked fighter), Head of Combined Fighting Systems (CFS BJJ)

Who'll be teaching at the Academy?

Bob Breen

Bob Breen / Founder & Chief Instructor

A unique individual in the martial arts world, Bob Breen is renowned for his teaching abilities and his knowledge. He has captained his country in international competition in two differing martial arts Escrima & Karate and has been at the forefront of martial arts development throughout his career. He’s qualified as a Full Instructor in JKD and Kali under Dan Inosanto.

Regarded as the father of JKD and the Filipino martial arts in Europe and was a founder member of the World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation in '87 and founder of the European Arnis Kali Eskrima Federation in '92. He fought in the first World Championships in the Philippines in '89, as well as being team coach in '89 and in '92.

Arts Taught in Class: 4D Combat & JKD/Kali Evolution

Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke

Arts Taught in class: JKD & Kickboxing

A seasoned fighter and longtime student of Martial arts. Paul has Black belt’s in JKD & Karate & a profound knowledge of various Submission arts. Studying BJJ & No-Gi grappling all over London for the last 10 years, then with Roger Gracie Via Academy for 3 years. Over his 20 years as a Martial artist he has fought in all types of competition from Karate, BJJ, Submission Wrestling & MMA where he is undefeated in Amateur & semi pro, fighting all around England with UK MMA League & other MMA organisation. Paul has been Teaching high level Boxing, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Filipino Kali empty hands & Thai boxing at the Academy & Submission arts privately for the last 3 years. An inspiring coach to train and get great with.

Winston Frazier

Winston Frazier

Arts Taught in class: Muay Thai

Training at the Academy since 1987, Winston is the holder of three British, two European and two World belts in Muay Thai under the coaching of Academy black belt Master Simon Wells and Will Kelly. A black belt in JKD under Bob Breen, Winston has also be trained by esteemed instuctors Terry Barnett, John Harvey, Pat O’Malley, Alex Turnbull and Alex Livingstone. Winston has continued teaching since retiring from competitive fighting at the age of 40.

Carl Greenidge

Carl Greenidge

Arts Taught in class: JKD & Kickboxing

The ability to motivate students and break techniques down into simple moves. Carl also have a keen interest in developing individual training programmes for students. Began with Lau Gar Kung Fu and Chinese Kickboxing with Master Stan Brown in 1983, where Carl competed in many semi contact competitions. Then at the Bob Breen Academy in 1999 where he was introduce to Filipino Martial Arts, Muay Thai Boxing, Jun Fan Gun Fu /JKD. He Achieved Black belt under Guru Bob Breen in 2005 and has been instructing since 2009.

Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson

Arts Taught in class: JKD & Escrima

A student of Bob Breens for over 15 years and Black Belt for 10, Carl has trained and competed across the world. He's 9 X British Champion, European Champion and 5 X World silver medalist in full contact stick fighting under WEKAF and GSBA. An Associate Instructor level 3 under Bob Breen and holds instructorships in Jun Fan Gung Fu and FMA under Guros Dan Inosanto and David Onuma and in Koredas Obra Mano Arnis (Traditional Filipino martial art) under Grandmaster Oliver Bersabal. He is also Brown sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu, spent 5 years training Capoeira Angola with Kabula group and has competed nationally in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Neil McLeod

“Guro Bob Breen is a true martial arts master. One of a kind, he has the ability to coach and apply JKD principles at a very high level. Bob helped mould my mind and technique and instilled his JKD philosophy in me and many others. An artist, philosopher, musician and innovator, Guro Bob is the best. Period.”

Neil McLeod — British, European and World Stick Fighting Champion, Millenium Brawl MMA bantamweight British Champion

Is it open to beginners?

Defnitely. We've got dedicated fun & friendly beginners classes on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as classes open to all levels throughout the week. Once you've found your feet in the beginners class, you can branch out to the others as soon as you want. Plus, because the Beginners classes place a large emphasis on drilling the fundamentals, a lot of the more experienced students take part – so you can be sure of seeing a few friendly faces in later classes.

Husna - Breen Academy Black Belt

“[…]the day I stepped onto the dojo as a shy and apprehensive student to begin my martial arts career was and still is the best decision I ever made. I remember being blown away by his [Bob Breen's] technical and high calibre of teaching and even to this day, I am still learning. Just when you think you have uncovered and mastered a technique, that is when Guro Bob makes you realise it is just the beginning stages of grasping how a technique really works”

Husna Nessa — Breen Academy Black Belt

I'm an experienced Martial Artist. What can you bring that's going to challenge me?

Carl Jackson, stick champ

The Breen Academy emphasises true functional standup combat. It's produced countless high-tier Martial Artists and competitors, students who've gone on to win championships and start their own clubs.

Chief Instructor Bob Breen holds twice-yearly seminars solely for international Martial Arts Teachers. The training at the Breen Academy is world-class, it's gradings are considered some of the most challenging to achieve. Bob Breen's name is instantly recognizable by many martial artists, stunt men, athletes, police & military around the world for a very good reason: training at the Breen Academy is “Simply Exceptional.

Grading 1 Grading 2 Grading 3 Grading 4

Neil McLeod

“[…]Eventually, I was ‘ready’ to take the famous Bob Breen Academy Black Belt test. By far this was the most difficult and challenging belt grading I have ever taken in any of the martial art I have studied, as Guru Bob doesn't just test you technically, he tests you mentally and on specific things relevant to just you. […] I was tested and challenged to an extent where a week after the grading I was still spending large chunks of the day analysing what had happened. This feeling wasn't isolated to just me - all his Black Belts go through this.”

Steve Payne — Breen Academy Black Belt & former Karate International and National Champion as well as former two time European Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

“Are you ready?”

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Tony Davis

“Bob Breen is considered as one of the worlds best martial artists, he has instructed, influenced and inspired many of the UK's top instructors. He is held in high regard by all who come into contact with him. Generous with both his time and his considerable knowledge I am proud to call him my friend and my instructor. I cannot recommend him and his talented team enough. From the beginner looking to build a solid foundation in functional martial arts or the experienced martial artist looking to take their skills to the next level The Bob Breen Academy is the place to be!”

Tony Davis — Competitive MMA Fighter & Chief Instructor at Total Dojo

Books & Publications

Sparring Cover

“I could not recommend this book highly enough. It's hard to believe no one else has anything close to this quality on the market” — Amazon Reviewer

“This is an excellent book for anyone interested in sparring. It caters for both beginners and sparring veterans as it starts off slowly and gradually picks up speed revealing some great hints and tips”
— Amazon Reviewer

“This book is superb. I have adopted a lot of Bob's methods to great effect. It is a really comprehensive book and if you liked ‘Fighting’ you will love ‘Sparring’” — Amazon Reviewer

Sparring Excerpt Sparring Excerpt

Sparring: Strategy Tactics Technique

Packed with pictures, explanations and hundreds of techniques, tactics and hard won insights. Bob Breen’s Sparring is a firm foundation if you are just starting sparring, an essential reference for the intermediate student and that rare treat, a book that you can constantly refer to whatever your level for years to come.
Order online from Amazon


The authoritative book on fighting from one of the UK's leading martial artists. "Fighting" takes the intermediate martial arts student through the fundamentals of combat, with comprehensive sections on preparation (footwork, stance, range and measure, guards) and punching and kicking attacks and defences, including elbows, knees, throws and training combinations and workouts to drill all these. There is also a very useful section on putting it all together, including strategy, timing, rhythm, the fighting timeline and scenario planning. This book goes far beyond the usual scope of martial arts books, providing a comprehensive reference for the serious martial arts student.
Order online from Amazon

Fighting Cover

4D Combat

4D Combat Training Pack #1 available now.

  • Over 20 Videos Teaching you 4D Combat Techniques.
  • Learn Directly from Guro Bob Breen.
  • Access on Iphone, Android, Tablet or PC.
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Happy New Year!

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Guys as it’s the election this Thursday when we had planned to have a Grading I’m going to postpone it until next Thursday the 15th. My apologies for the change, also for telling some people it was on the 12th! obviously getting a bit old in the head. So see you this Thursday for rehearsal […]


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hi guys just to say there’s no training this evening as SPACe is closed. Classes as normal from tomorrow. Just to keep you motivated tonight here’s a link to some jab work we’ve been doing with some old hands:


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I’ve studied martial arts for about 15 years (with Guro Bob Breen since 2010) and too many martial arts stories focus on experiences of getting beaten up or where you’ve managed to defend yourself and become the beater. I thought I’d share something different… My wife and newborn travelled to Amsterdam to see a good […]



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Interesting conversation this morning after training. I was talking to Steve Payne about how the classical beautiful techniques that we love to see whether it’s Karate or Silat or Wing Chun is much like classical music. It’s the foundation of great technique. Many of the best MMA fighters have a background in this type of […]


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Fraser Ward has asked me to post this and we hope you can help. Fraser writes. Earlier this month I signed up to partake in a world record 30 – hour rugby match (because being beaten up on a regular basis – you know who you are, Paul, Will – isn’t enough) on the 15th-16th August […]


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