Article:    Simply subtle

We’ve been working lots of sparring lately concentrating on simple direct attacks like the front kick and generally working kicks more. What’s profound here is how many different things you can do with just front kick and a jab and cross. I taught the concept of boxes. First and nearest you have the punching box, if they step back out of that they’re in the kick box (if at the front then use your rear leg if at back then step and use your front leg.)  Here’s just a few of the things you can do. Fake the punch and then kick, try and hit them with the jab cross and when they step back out of that box kick them in the kick box they’ve just arrived in. Alternatively, Kick (kickbox)  and then follow them by stepping in and you’re in the hands box where you jab and cross. Start with different hands so there’s no fixed start point. Play with the timing or feint to draw their eyes upwards then kick underneath. Think about how many variations you could do here and then practice them a little and then do them in sparring. Keep the ones that work.

Fighting and music have lots of parallels so I always sort of cross train by listening intently. It’s all art. I’ve been listening to lots of Scarlatti classical minor key piano music lately and he does the same JKD thing there. A simple theme then just variation after variation showing how much he knows his stuff. Modulating through subtle changes. Sonny Rollins the jazz saxophone player does the same thing on ‘saxophone collossus’. Check them out if you’re into that sort of music. The thing with JKD is to realise it’s not about more but about deeper. Surprisingly, then you get more.  Do less and be more-how strange is that.