Article:    Masters at Work

When teaching drills and sparring techniques I try to convey how to move well and how to excel. Making you a great fighter is hard work for both of us. It’s a long road but well worth travelling. Along the path it helps to have some sort of aim point. What does mastery look like?  Over the months I’ll post up some clips of people i think you should watch and emulate as much as possible. You’re unlikely to achieve their physical level but you need to know what it that level of mastery looks like. Lets start with boxing. This should be a core of your martial arts and JKD personal system. Your first step would be to watch Roberto Duran one of the best boxers of all time.  Here’s a clip of his highlights but the fight with Esteban de jesus is the best apart from the two with Sugar Ray Leonard. Check them out if you have time.  What else is there to  do but copy this master boxer. Not in your personal life but aim at copying his boxing. His skill is phenomenal and his close quarter boxing and evasion is wonderful.

Next check out Ramon Dekker he’s a wonderful Thai boxer totally fearless and like the Micky Rourke character in ‘ The Wrestler’ he’s not bothered what happens to him. Check out his fights on: His fight with Fenachio is wonderful. Like beauty and the beast with Ramon the beast. Watch how he hunts in all his fights and his body inclination. He’s coming to get you.. I watched the Fenachio fight live in the company of Dan Inosanto and talked to Ramon afterwards. Cut around both eyes he was quite unconcerned and focusing on his next fight a month ahead. He’s got a wonderful front foot jab, teep, and good evasion whilst unloading. Finally on the grappling front there’s few as good as Marcello Garcia a king of the choke. Check him out. . Note how all these masters are soft and fluid in their movement yet powerful too. Now you know where the level is you just need to put in the training. See you on the path.