Article:    Knife fighting drills

Understanding knife fighting helps your empty handed defence as many of the techniques and concepts are similar and you get to understand the knife from an attackers viewpoint. If you want to be a great Martial artist I think the knife is an essential way for you to learn principles that would take much longer only doing empty hands.

For those who came to the knife class here’s a reminder on what we covered. We did a number of counters from a running or lunging attack at the mid section or upper chest.

First we scooped or ripped with the knife in Icepick grip against the thrust in hammer grip. This is often called Palusut. A good way to think of this and get over the language block is to think of it as pala-scoop. We did this and initially followed with a descending pick thrust to the arm then did it with both a slash to the biceps when on top and a slash to the gut if under his arm. Both of these were followed by a stab to the kidneys. Important in both of these is you have to use the other hand to stop the opponents knife coming back online or you have to use your own arm (which has the knife) to ward it off whilst you slash.

We then covered Panastas or slashing counter attack. Think of this as pana-slash and it sticks in the mind easier. We did this to the biceps, lower arm or neck depending on timing and distance. Important here is to tuck your body and post on his arm with your left arm so his arc of attack is changed.

Finally, we covered Segun where you block his attack with the blade of your knife-this we then rolled as if stuck in the bone and slashed either below or above the arm as above.

In the class we covered disarms from this flow drill afterwards and a number of key points. Knife class is every thursday. Hope to see you there next week where we’ll be covering the same thing in great depth and putting both the techniques and principles into your fight DNA.