Article:    Keep it simple.

It’s been interesting lately sparring around with lots of the seniors at our black belt training in Chingford. It’s simple mistakes that let people down. Often people do too much in the belief that being busy is important. To a certain extent that’s true. If you’re throwing punches or kicks  its much harder for him to get started on hitting you. However, variety is important, if you only attack then you’re easy to beat because the defender knows you’re coming and knows your timing. Similarly, don’t try to be too complex with cuban uppercuts or overhead hammers. Get the basic stuff down and hitting them regularly then once you’ve got that down then add in the funky stuff.

Most importantly don’t end up open after a cross. Here it’s important that you close your body by doing a hook or rotate behind your jab or bob and weave to the right and move off line. Faking to draw the opponents attack is vital. You don’t want to both go into a tussle together at an agreed point. As it says in the Chinese classic the sun tsu. ‘The great warrior summons others but is not summonsed by them.’
Bruce lee put it another way with his attack by drawing concept. Alternatively fake them so much that they turn off mentally then go in and attack early. In short keep it simple but be unfathomable.

Do the high percentage stuff well first then add the rest. Use the five ways of attack. Simple single strikes that hit are the starting point. When you can do that reasonably well then add combinations. Draw their attack so they hit air and you hit them!

Lastly if you’re having trouble getting in and can’t do it by timing and Jedi mind tricks then trap your way in.

Footwork has to underly all that you do. Move away from his big right hand strike and keep a good guard up. Too many people did both and were easy to tag (polite way of warning you’ll get knocked out if going hard ) For all fighters it’s important to know yourself.  Being one dimensional even if that is being strong and hard will still get you beaten though it’s a good attribute to have.  A great black belt knows himself first and has more than one game.  Aim for three approaches to start. A strategic view is important.