Trapping techniques are one of the  five ways of attack that form one of the central planks of JKD. Most of the original stuff was a copy with some adaptions from wing chun. However, over time it’s come to mean any type of body manipulation that keeps your opponent from hitting you whilst you hit them. Of course it’s important not to get trapped in Trapping. Many people get a bit like train spotters with this and search for more and more complex routines. There’s nothing wrong with this but the outcomes for this approach in sparring aren’t that good. Complex compound traps that trap the second barrier are much harder to do than simple traps on the front barrier. The place to start therefore is with simple traps on the front barrier. Even here you can get too complicated. The question to ask yourself is can I hit him without trapping. If you can strike with a single direct attack or simple combination then that’s the way to go. If the route to the target is blocked by his arms or you want to make sure you’re not going to get stop hit as you come in then it’s time to trap them. Here I show five simple ways that just work really well against opponents of all levels. Obviously there are counters and disengagements you can do but if done occasionally without a set up then you can rest assured your trap will work well. Get your first strike in and then follow up with a straight blast or cross hook cross type of boxing combination. Here I’ve shown five simple ones. Pak sau, Lop sau, Double tap, inside slap, and the outside line beat or jut. Mix them in with single direct attacks and you’ll beat even the highest level fighter.