Article:    Centre line domination [video]

Just a short video to show you how to dominate the centre line, the 12 o’clock if you view the angles around you like the numbers of a clock. 12.00 to the front, 6.00 to the rear etc. Here we’re showing it in stick but notice the integration of the empty hands. It’s one art. The angles you learn better with weapons  but it’s the same format whatever you’re doing. Keep it simple, keep it honest. Expect them to hit you if they can. Reflect that in your training. 4D covers the four dimensions of stand up combat where all fights start and most end. 4D: Strike, Clinch, Weapons and Many.

You don’t choose the format they do. Be adaptable. 4D combat Total Standup Fighting.

” You may not be interested in War- but War is interested in you”