Article:    Body routes and flow.

Here’s a video we did recently showing basic body routes from Kali Panantukan.

The thing about learning routes is that it engenders flow. Most students are too attached to specific submissions or positions and thus ‘visible’ they stay and work on a position that is often compromised. There’s a time to stay and fight for a position or push to make a throw work but it’s much harder, particularly for males, to let go and flow. Non attachment is the thing you want to acquire. If you think of the Yin Yang symbol used in JKD; most guys are basically Yang anyway developing the softer Yin side is a hard journey and these sorts of drills will help. Hardness is great but only if you can apply it to a target. Softness whilst less tangible is a huge skill to acquire. The secret is to appear soft and formless and then change to ultimate hardness in a fraction of a second. Score your win or submission or strike and then disappear back into formlessness. In this video we show a four count box format with me arm dragging on the third move of this basic format. Alternatively you can negate his number two strike the cross by softly pinning or jamming it. This then gives you a standard jab and hook attack hopefully something you’ve done lots of practice on defending. It’s not that he didn’t want to use the cross rather that I’ve negated it and he’s forced to come the routes I’ve laid out for him.