Article:    50 a day, and other success strategies.

Martial arts is a complicated thing to master particularly if you’re studying a cross training approach. Boxing, kickboxing, clinch, throwing and grappling all have their techniques, nuances that guarantee success and specific problems too. The first step is to want it. To have a dream of how good you can be. Whether you imagine yourself as a mix of Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Ong bak, or whoever, It helps to have an image of what success will look like. The next step is to get started. All success is built upon understanding and mastering good basics. For the senior class on a Saturday we are working on improving our kicking. We’ve all agreed to do just fifty kicks per day. We can do more but we’ve promised to do fifty per day (any kick but only count good ones ) a few hundred per day would be great but start at fifty. Everyone can do fifty. Do ten in the morning and you’ve only got forty left to fit in somewhere in the day. Think Kick. When you make tea. Do hold outs (where you hold your leg out at waist height ) whilst the kettle boils. Do what you can,  then repeat. So far no secrets just doing stuff. One time management book I read put it well. Think of bowling balls in a box. You can only fit so many in but it leaves lots of space. In those spaces fit lots of marbles. Small things that take up no space. Similarly do small amounts of stretching, hold outs and repeat kicks and hey presto you’ll be a better kicker. Does this make you who you want to be? Not totally but it takes you some of the way. Want to be a better kicker? THINK KICK. USE KICKS, HAVE THEM IN YOUR HEAD.

Next be responsible for YOU. Don’t just turn up for class and wait to be told what to do. Be self realising. No one in the class when you turn up?  Get working on your stretching and mobility. Didn’t do enough conditioning in the class? then do it yourself. Take responsibility for you. Don’t loan techniques from the instructor but own them and integrate them into your game. A quick aid memoir of some written notes might help as does visualisation. If you haven’t got  partner then imagine one. Is it easy? of course not. But why be mediocre when you’ve put in so much time. You dont want to be a chump who only does what they’ve been told to do. JKD is about individuality! Being strong and self directed. Get going. start with fifty kicks and your kettle boiling hold outs then add some abdominal exercises or conditioning when adverts come on the Tv. Have a desire  to be World Class! Good luck.  I expect a kick in the head very soon to show me you’ve been practicing.