Article:    The school of flow.

I’ve been training with the senior instructors quite a bit recently and we’re all enthused about the benefits of training on a physical mental and spiritual level.  We all agree that we want to share this blessing that comes from martial arts at the highest level. As a result classes are  guaranteed to be great as our own enthusiasm for what we’re doing will be apparent. Our aim is to make you into a great martial artist, to empower you and bring out the warrior within.

What’s been apparent in our own training is that it’s not really about martial arts or about fighting. That’s just a vehicle. It’s about YOU: what hinders you and holds you back, your fears and need to control, what you grab onto. Just like fixed ideas, fixed or stiff shapes get broken or are gone around. The secret is to go with the flow but with certain intentions or desired outcomes which you’d like to realise at the outset but that you’re not fixed or dogmatic about the route. You’re adaptable, a great thing in this current world. You have to learn to be in tune yet have a direction. Realising that you can relax, yet still be strong and hard but with your very centre calm,still, and grounded. Once you’ve addressed your fears and needs and have done your training then the rest isn’t up to you. It’s the flow. Good or bad it’s how you react to it. The glass is always full of something’  was a quote I heard from the Alice Walker author of the colour purple. So it’s how you view things. Above all we’re in the process of working on ourselves and the amazing impact that has on our lives. ‘Self protection then self perfection’ . See you at training. There’s work to be done!