Article:    Slash, Bash, Crash

A great few classes tonight to help get the New Year blood flowing. In the knife class we worked through a medley of slash-stab counter for counter, block & slash and 5 count running attack. A real adrenaline rush and when mixed with press-ups and pressure drills you know your working instinct (or is that “in stink”). When some of our elbows starting to bruise up we switched into some hubud sensitivity attacks and counters. When we started to look good we added disarms to prove we really were crap and were actually just winging it as usual. Moments of brilliance in a sea of confusion.
Next up was the class of hard knocks. Well actually hard conditionally and, by the time we got there, pretty gentle knocks. Killer exercises to make sure the legs were jelly, speed and bodywork drills on the pads, Thai kicks then a gentle spar or three. It always seems counter-intuitive to kill the body before you bash but it’s amazing how close to real fighting it’s is…whether in the ring or on the street. Very easy to sit back, breathe through your backside and try to look better than you are. It’s so much harder to dig deep, focus, keep on the front foot and be vaguely brilliant.
Same again next week please.
Cailey Barker