Article:    School of Hard knocks

Fraser Ward has asked me to post this and we hope you can help.

Fraser writes.

Earlier this month I signed up to partake in a world record 30 – hour rugby match (because being beaten up on a regular basis – you know who you are, Paul, Will – isn’t enough) on the 15th-16th August with a charity called The School of Hard Knocks. It’s a social inclusion charity which focuses on using sport – predominantly rugby and boxing – to help those who face unemployment, crime and health issues on a daily basis, you can see more about the event here. I work in the same building as SOHK and can vouch that they’re brilliant at what they do, not least because of the great team they have behind them.
So I have the task of raising £1k by mid-August and am looking for a little sponsorship. This is a great cause and there is a huge effort being poured into the event. As such if anyone does feel like donating a little or a lot, I’d be very grateful, you can do so here. And if you do give, please leave your name and details so I can thank you personally.
Additionally, in light of recent Greek “developments”, I’m more than happy to take some devalued euros off your hands as well!
Hope you can help. B