Article:    New York tentacles

It’s with regret that we’ve said goodbye to Jamie Hutchins one of our senior Black belts who’s off to a senior publishing job in New York . Does this mean that Jamie will forget the Academy? I doubt that, hopefully he’s an initial outpost in the U.S. Above all we wish him well.

However the tentacles of the Academy reach a long way. Jamie is training at ‘Five points fitness’ a great Thai boxing and Kali centre in Manhattan which is surprise, surprise, owned by a close friend of mine Simon Burgess, a Brit, who was also Academy trained and part of the team we took to the first World Championship in the Philippines in 1989. This was an all academy team and we bashed everyone.

Simon is a leading Thai boxing promoter so there’ll be plenty of hard training. Additionally, Barry Danelian another close friend, a real warrior and expert in Pekiti Tersia Kali, Thai boxing ( and one of the Worlds leading trumpet players ) will also be on hand to give Jamie similar treatment to that he’s received here plus he’s big so the Bear will have another Bear to play with.

I’ve asked them both to be tough but fair, but if it comes to it to forget the fair part. I’ll personally miss the Bear greatly as will the kids he’s helped teach over the years and his training partners through the years. It’s always been challenging sparring or training with him and we’ll be lesser in many ways, but maybe less bruised. We wish him well.