Article:    JKD BJJ Original in the house.

Chris Hauter one of the first BJJ black belts to come to the  UK will be visiting the club tonight (Tuesday 29th ) . Chris was one of the first people to be graded black belt by the legendary Machado family. He’s also a long time JKD man having trained under Guru Dan Inosanto in LA and also he’s responsible for the crossed swords and shield artwork that adorns many Inosanto T-shirts etc to this day.  Chris came and did a seminar for us back in the eighties. One of the first real black belts to come to the UK. As always the Breen Academy was at the cutting edge of martial arts introducing new stuff and constantly evolving. Come along tonight an meet one of the legends of BJJ and of course train in the No Gi class at 8.30. We’re also blessed in having Black belt Daren Bartlett also coming along and helping out. Hopefully we’ll see more of Daren in the future. I’ll be there so see you all there. Short notice I know