Article:    Chris Hauter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at it’s best.

We are hoping to have Chris Hauter Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend back in the club again this Monday. Chris is one of the BJJ originals  there when the going was tough. One of the first five black belts in the USA he was also the first to introduce proper BJJ into the UK when he came along to one of our Academy hosted Inosanto seminars in 1996. There will be some timetable changes so please be prepared to adapt. The Thai class may have to be cancelled or curtailed but I guarantee a great night with one of the best in the World. See how to do grappling at its best. Leverage, structure, technique, pressure, cunning and guile plus a deep deep knowledge. If you want to select a template for your journey into the grappling aspects of combat then this is a great example to cover. Also look for changes in the timetable to reflect this. See you there.