Article:    BLACK BELT: Congratulations to all our new black belts.

Congratulations to all our new Black belts. They passed a gruelling  test lasting over four hours with every aspect of their knowledge and character being challenged. What was amazing was when it went wrong as it always does. The flow of combat never goes how you have planned it, even on fixed patterns. What everyone did here was to turn rubbish into gold dust. Some amazing adaptions in the moment. This is what we aim for in JKD and Kali. The sparring was great, Courage, skill, strategy and good technique though everyone could do with being off the centre line much more. I obviously need to mention that more in classes (if that’s possible) My thanks to all the black belt seniors who came and helped me on the panel and in the two on one. Always great to watch. What do you do when under that much pressure? Once again congratulations to. Eve Parminter, Rolston Wilshire, Alex Kopecky, Joaquin Manuel Vilchez (Marcos), Cailey Barker, Suleyman Cetin, Scott Jupp, and Jason Gaule.   My apologies for the late post. I’d posted on Facebook and forgotten our own website.  More photos to come.