Article:    B.I.G Things.

The recent Big instructor camp was a huge success. On the first day we covered stick fighting as we’ve been focusing on Empty hands over recent camps. As usual the emphasis was to see the commonality between stick, Knife and empty hands fighting skills. There was plenty of sweat,  a few bumps and loads of laughter. The stick grappling that we focused on for half the time was huge fun and is a very interesting area. We’ll put some photos up on Facebook and on here. Some are blurred as it was all action (in truth we should have video’d it instead ). Over the rest of the time we covered empty hands and Filipino boxing and knife defence. As is usual at the BIG camps we sparred everything so that as an instructor you know it in theory and most importantly in practice. From double stick to boxing its’ important that you can ‘walk the walk’ and not only do the talk and theory part.  All in all a great weekend. Thanks to all the guys who came and made it a wonderful weekend.

If you’d like to take part in one of our future Instructor seminars then keep an eye on the events page. Please note. Due to the Olympics many of the bookings at SPACe  have been cancelled so we are busy negotiating new dates and venues.