Article:    A new A team

Last weeks grading was one of the best in many many years. This was like the legendary group we had in the late 1980’s. The seniors showed what the Bob Breen Academy is all about. There was a wonderful mix of technical excellence plus JKD flow. Just as we practice in the classes everyone flowing in the moment and not trapped by the techniques but liberated through understanding of them, knowing when to abandon the form and revert to the simple game plan we’ve been covering in all the classes. Thus we saw great Kali and jun fan techniques mixed in with spontaneous grappling/ chokes/ and intuitive striking. Wonderful. For all who were there as spectators it was a great night and very inspirational. My thanks to all the guys and girls for their hard training and understanding of the concepts I’ve been on about over the last year.

If you want to become one of the best integrated martial artists around then get on down to the classes and join the A team.